Time Lapse Footage Of BIG VOLVO LOADER Refurbishment Process!

The human being is not created to be all alone. In fact, when people work together they can achieve a lot more than working on their own! We bet we have all experienced this kind of situation. The video for today is the perfect example of how people working together can do a lot more together and for a shorter period of time. But of course, not as fast as a time lapse footage. Their work is actually very good food for thought. They brought a used big Volvo loader for refurbishment. So what`s the big deal anyway?

Well, apparently they do not want to waste more money on buying a new one and they are environmentally friendly at the same time by extending the machine`s life span! Frankly, this whole process is really time consuming but when you look in the long run, it pays off. Once they brought the Volvo loader in this garage, the crew disjoined every single part that could disjoined! At the end, the difference is more than obvious. There could`ve been a before and after comparison but we are good without it too.

Finally, follow this link to observe one more restoration project done on a 1936 Ford Slantback model! It looks amazing!