Nissan 240SX With Some RED BURNOUT With Khumo Ecsta!

Check out this Nissan 240SX RED BURNOUT With Khumo Ecsta Colored Smoke Tires!

To be honest with you, when Need For Speed Underground 2 came out, this was the right car to start the career, according to us. Now, we see that we weren`t wrong at all! Because as it is fierce in the game, it is the same in the reality too! This time you are going to see it performing a special burnout, which we admit looks pretty awesome! This guy is really roasting the red smokies and doing some awesome burnout! lol Did you ever try a burnout with colored smoke tires? It looks cool to me. Also, this car is able to perform such a burnout thanks to the parts it has. Those are Rocker Arm Stoppers, Godspeed Intercooler, Z32 MAF, 550cc injectors, Walbro 255 fuel pump. Additionally there are several parts from the manufacturer HKS like GGT2530 turbo, turbo timer as well as digital boost controller. I think these are NOT street legal… What do you think?

Share your thoughts with us! Finally, check out this gender reveal burnout!