Awesome car + awesome driver = recipe for adrenaline? Seems very true! Ken Block drives the Hoonicorn Mustang at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed! With over 330 million views on Youtube, Ken Block shows off the Mustang tires, specially designed for him. Watch and be amazed of this genuine beast driver!

Weighing about 1.1 tons, this Mustang looks like it was made to be smoked by Ken Block. It seems like he truly knows his way around it! Make sure to watch as this driver does doughnuts and then storms burning the Mustang tires! Everyone loves a Mustang, with the crowd being a perfect example of it. Despite trying out many other cars during the Festival of Speed, you can bet this Mustang gets all the headlines. Having a wealthy tradition, this vehicle will set your heart on fire and you will wish to be in Ken Block`s place as you are watching. Make sure to watch until the very end in order to witness this Mustang`s extravagance at its full glory! Also, don`t forget Ken, as surely you envy him! Everyone loves a Mustang, right?

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