This Is How KEN BLOCK PREPARED Himself For GYM 7!!!

We are here once again to give a video starring the one and only – KEN BLOCK! You have probably all heard of Ken Block`s Gymkhana videos! Actually, you have probably already seen them all! The footage right here shows the trash testing of the HOONICORN right before the filming of GYM 7! The creators needed to make sure that this vehicle is going to hold up all the tire slaying! The video turned out great! After watching it, we now know why it was named “Wild in the streets of Los Angeles”! But in order to be wild in the streets of LA, you need to have a proper and solid vehicle, such as the Hoonicorn!!!

The car was not completed till the end, so this trash testing of the custom car is conducted without windows, without fenders and even without any doors! Anyway, the testing began as the whole field was covered in smoke! The custom Mustang, or the Hoonicorn if you want, passed all the tests and as you already know, went directly to the set! Enjoy the preps for Gymkhana 7, and if you haven`t seen the actual GYM 7, do it now!!!

Anyway, how about this Gymkhana?!