FINALLY: KEN BLOCK’S GYMKHANA 7 – Check This 4WD Burnout On The Streets of L.A.! Pure EXCELLENCE!

We bring you good news guys! The wait is over! FINALLY KEN BLOCK`S GYMKHANA 7 was unveiled today! And the unveiling was done in style, with an amazing 4WD burnout from the master himself! The car he uses in this video is the absolutely gorgeous 1965 Ford Mustang! We have shared a lot of videos with Ken Block, but this one has to be the best one yet! He never disappoints! This 12 minute film will definitely be a revelation for you! Seeing Ken Block doing what he knows best is simply mesmerizing. But this video is even better. It is recorded on the empty streets of LA! We can`t think of a better situation than this.

In addition, there are several police cars keeping the streets safe so Ken Block can work his magic. This short film starts with a 4WD burnout like you haven`t seen before. He burns the 4 wheels at the same time, creating tremendous amounts of smoke like nobody else. The 1965 Ford Mustang is the only one in the world with all-wheel drive for drifting performance. All in all, this video is simply AMAZING! We have seen Ken Block`s magic a lot of times, but there is something special in this video. It looks like a movie! This was just one of the many reasons why we are so amazed from this great showcase of skills! To be even more honest, we are left speechless! Therefore we leave you to check this wild ride on the streets of LA! Sit back, move your cursor to that play button, and enjoy the Gymkhana 7 in “Wild In The Streets“, as this video is affectionately called! Don`t forget to share your thoughts with us!

Finally, follow this link to watch Ryan Tuerck drifting with Ken Block’s Ford Escort!

Enjoy the video below!

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