KEN BLOCK’s FORD F-150 RAPTORTRAX! It Even Has A Barbecue!

Ken Block once again surprises us with his pretty amazing taste of vehicles, but this time he put the things on another level, by revealing something that everybody dreams of. Ford F-150 Raptortrax is the full name of the ATV monster that can meet the needs of the legendary driver. He has already experienced the power of this backountry snow cat, but here is the full story.

The truck was built specially for Ken and his passion for extreme winter sports. The main idea was to make a vehicle that will be far quickly than the regular snow cat. That is why this awesome machine has a 6.2 Raptor engine with a Whipple supercharger on it, which work can produce roughly 650HP. Moreover, instead of regular wheels, this truck is empowered with mattracks and each one of them weighs 350 pounds. The whole suspension and everything has been modified with an off-road type suspension that can provide you lots of fun no matter what the terrain is. Finally, there is a nice set up of tools on the top of this Raptortrax, including a barbecue that can actually be attach to the rear of the truck.

Let us now cut the talk here and let you enjoy the interesting footage below, where Ken Block explains the additional details of this vehicle, which he really enjoys in the mountains.

At last, if you want to see Ken Block’s Raptortrax Shredfest with Zak Hale and Ethan Deiss, follow this link.