Only by a simple mention of the name of Harley Davidson, we all know that we are talking about the best and top of the line motorcycles, that cannot leave anyone indifferent. I mean, one really does not have to be a big time fan of bikes, in order to be impressed by most of the Harley Davidson examples. They are the pride and a real symbol of the American spirit that represents the power of engineering and individual freedom. However, despite the fact that all Harleys are impressive and powerful bikes, every now and then we come across some really special specimen, that makes us hold our breath from the very first moment we lay our eyes on it. And the following custom example of Harley Davidson called the HARLEY DAVIDSON NIGHT ROD SPECIAL CUSTOM, that you are going to see in the video clip below, is such a great proof of that.

Almost every component of this great looking monster bike is custom made, starting from the front and rear suspension, the wheels (18″x10.5″ rear and 18″x5.5″ front), the exhaust, the headlights…

But I really think that it would be better if you just take a look at the following footage and get to see all of the above mentioned yourself. Definitely one of the very best Harley examples that I have ever seen. What do you think about the HARLEY DAVIDSON NIGHT ROD SPECIAL CUSTOM?

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