How About This 2015 FORD MUSTANG GT ROUSH?! Respect!

Hello my dear fellow muscle car fans and enthusiasts. As much as we are all following the latest news about the new models of our favorite Detroit muscles that are coming out of the assembly line, we are also always keen to see every great aftermarket model that comes out on the scene. And when it comes to the Ford Mustang, today we are going to show you one jaw-dropping FORD MUSTANG GT ROUSH that won`t leave any `Stang aficionado indifferent.

Those of you who are following us on a regular basis, especially the articles about Mustangs, will probably remember on the first Roush Performance Ford Mustang that we had shown you a few months ago. Well, this one, in the video below, is the newest example of 2015 Roush Performance Ford Mustang GT, that is equipped with a sporting Accuair Suspension, and with customized blue metallic wheels.

Unfortunately, we do not have the list of specs about its setup under the hood, so we really cannot tell you just how powerful this jaw-dropping muscle beast FORD MUSTANG GT ROUSH is. But I think that for now, watching it in the following video clip will be more than enough. So check it out and enjoy!

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