If a car is good, no matter if it is a question of a muscle car or an import car, its place is definitely here on Muscle Cars Zone. Especially if it comes to a car that obviously shows that somebody has put a great deal of effort creating it. Without a doubt, one such vehicle is this one in the video below. We are referring to the iconic Japanese automobile Nissan GT-R R32! This particular import dragster is set in motion by a 2JZ engine!

Namely, you are going to watch this import dragster R32 at its best on its turf – the track. There are two races in this video clip in which this Nissan performs beautifully! In other words, it crosses the finish line in the 7s! When you think carefully, that`s not bad at all!

To be more precise, in the first run this speedy Nissan GT-R R32 has a time of 7.72 seconds at a speed of 180 miles per hour! On the other hand, in the second run, this automobile performed similarly but it was faster. It managed to finish the duel in a time of 7.31 seconds at a speed of more than 180 miles per hour!

Finally, click here to hear the best Nissan GT-R R32 sound!