The everlasting battle called AMERICAN MUSCLE VS IMPORT CARS! This video below is going to give you the answer to the question – which cars produce better sounds? We are not going to figure it out yet, we are leaving you to find that out on your own. However, the medal always has two sides, meaning that there will always be people who would agree with this video, and people who would disagree in the same time. You can argue all day long and defend yourself with plenty of arguments, but at the end of the day the answer is simple – it is all a matter of taste.

In this short video you are going to see a fragment of one of the Fast & Furious movies where Roman is showing off before a race. In this epic scene, Roman is in a turbo charged Mitsubishi Eclipse and the opponent has a Dodge Challenger. Roman`s car has a decent sound, you have got to admit, but this time the muscle car simply steals the show. The look on Roman`s face after hearing the other car proves that. Nevertheless, we all know what happens next. Which side are you on when it comes to AMERICAN MUSCLE VS IMPORT CARS?

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