900HP MITSUBISHI Stole The Show @ KOTS Chicago!

We do not know what to call this ride? Is it the craziest, the most amazing one or is it the biggest monster of all?! Maybe it`s a 3 in 1. All of the things mentioned above are to be found in this particular ride! A fantastic 900hp Mitsubishi with an EVO engine installed is simply destroying every opponent it has! We had the chance to see it battle at the KOTS event in Chicago and what we say was amazing! This powerful and `bad` engine has decided that he`s taking home victory! The event hosts did not expect to see what they saw!

However, maybe other things should be done before letting this one race! He is all over the track while racing and the driver obviously has trouble controlling the vehicle! To an untrained eye, it might look like the narrow driving is done on purpose, but we assure you it is not! Finally, we invite you to check out this bad boy. Check the 900HP Mitsubishi bellow, turn up the volume for the perfect sound, go full screen and enjoy as this one kicks everything that comes in his way!

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