Monster Trucks, Monster Power & Monster Mud Compilation!

I guess that first thing that comes to the mind when you mention those big and powerful monster trucks with tractor wheels is a mud challenge. Well, if you are one of those, the Mud Compilation video that we have prepared for you today would be a real treat for the eyes and mind at the same time. It is a great four minute compilation of some great and powerful monster trucks, having a drag races and unbelievable launches at the `mud strip`, than other trucks struggling in the pit hole and all the pretty things that you love so much.

And I have got to tell you, even though I`m not so crazy about monster trucks and mud compilation, watching some of these incredible machines doing what only an extra -- powerful engine can do, really get me going too. Some of the launching these guys do in those horrible mud holes is really inspiring and uplifting.

And as a final closure of this great video compilation, we have one of the biggest flame throwers you have ever seen. Big truck with jet engine on the drag strip, pushing up the pulse of the audience. Take a look for yourself and enjoy the whole thing.

However, some find this mudding truck to be the best! 

Enjoy the video below!

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