Nissan Skyline R33 At Astana GT Parking Garage Drift Show! Awesome Performance!

Watching this video gave us the feeling that we are watching the third part of the famous Fast & Furious franchise! If you have seen Tokyo Drift, you know we are talking about some drifting in parking garages! This parking garage drift however is not a movie scene! You must see this amazing Nissan Skyline R33 at Astana GT doing a Park Drift Show! What an awesome performance! You must see this astonishing video! We have seen some good drifting, but there is something special about this video. We don`t know if it`s the beautiful Nissan Skyline R33 or the crowd cheering from the sides. Whatever it is, it makes this drift show special! Make sure you watch it! It will leave you speechless we are sure of it!

If you thought Kazakhstan was just some country Borat comes from situated who-knows-where, you are wrong! Actually, you will be amazed after you see the stuff that happens over there in the MOTOR SPORTS world! It is like the Gearhead paradise, here is why! In an underground parking garage there is an event that gathers all the drifting maniacs, drivers, drifters and fans to enjoy some quality time! We have found a very famous international drift show in Kazakhstan! In that matter, we would like to show you this NISSAN SKYLINE R33 and the MAD DRIFTING it does right here, at ASTANA GT PARK DRIFT! Few people were lucky enough to attend this parking garage drift show! Lucky for us, someone decided to film the whole thing! You can rest assured that we will share it with everyone here!  Sit back and witness this amazing performance!

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