Nissan Skylines at Knysna Hill Climb – Best Driver Jade Gutzeit!

We have seen Nissans drag racing, drifting, burning tires etc. But it is a rare occurrence to see Best Driver Jade Gutzeit a Skyline going up the mountain. Not one, yet this video shows us plenty of Skylines in a time trial hill climbing competition! Not only you are going to see these truly fantastic cars chasing the time in the mountain, but also you have the possibility to enjoy their astonishing sounds! You cannot simply decide what sounds better, the machine itself or the exhaust system. Nevertheless, when it comes to a Nissan Skyline these two components are equally valuable.

Increase the volume if you please! Nissan Skylines at Knysna Hill Climb Including The Top Secret Skyline piloted by Jade Gutzeit! Any idea on how these guys got their R34’s imported into SA? Or are they from when there was no import duty on cars?

Nissan new 2018 model cars, looking hilarious and powerful! Click on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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