Tesla Drag Racing Like A Monster! Ludicrous Tesla Destroys And Puts Multiple Hellcats Far Away In The Rearview!

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is known to destroy even the mightiest of cars. The most powerful Mustangs and Camaros dread when they see a Hellcat on the dragstrip. In this mortal realm of ours it`s demonic machinery. So, if we told you that a Hellcat is destroyed by a Tesla Model S, you would probably laugh very hard in our face! But, hold your pants because what are you about to see is one wicked Tesla Model S! Who would thought that a Tesla drag racing a Hellcat would have such an outcome?

Yeah, what you are about to see in this video is unbelievable. This Tesla Model S manages to make a mockery out of some hellish Hellcats! The Hellcats in this video are a child`s play to an electric car! Unbelievable stuff indeed!
Well, ladies and gentleman, welcome to the future. We live in a strange time indeed. A time and place where the instant torque which is produced by a Tesla Model S can put any car in a world of hurt! Cars of every form and shape can by annihilated by a Tesla Model S!

In this video the Tesla drag racing victim is the Hellcat. A Hellcat that comes in the form of 707HP! This is a Hellcat that every kind of gearhead drools over! However, this demonic kitty is no match for the Tesla!
However, this is not an ordinary Tesla Model S! Oh no, this is the Ludicrous mode Tesla Model S. When you get inside the engine of the Ludicrous Tesla, you`ll be amazed. Its electric engine is a real torque monster. With its 90-kwh engine, it can go up to 60 mph in only 2.8 seconds! Its 90-kwh electric engine is a real torque monster! It has got 100% torque which means that it`s literally instant!

Check out the video below and bask at the Tesla`s superiority on the dragstrip! This is what you get when you challenge the Tesla!

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