S15 Nissan Silvia Drift Monster With 700 HP And 1JZ Turbo With The Most Amazing Turbo Sound!

The drifting season is open and we have a lot to see here! The USA has amazing and thrilling drift events, however, Europeans can say that as well! One of the most famous drifting events are staged in Budapest, Hingary! They are named, “King Of Europe Pro Drift Series!” This thing is definitely a lot more than just drifting. Just like any other drifting event, it is a pleasure to share your passion for smoked tires with friends, sip some beer and enjoy the smoke! This Nissan Silvia drift monster was one of the coolest cars at the 2014 King of Europe Pro Drift Series driven by Mario Guidi from Italy!

The event is full of nasty cars, pretty girls and loud engines! This Nissan Silvia Drift left us speechless, whatsoever. We must admit though, it was not the driver that impressed us so much as it was for the Nissan Silvia S15 and the 1JZ Turbo! The beast produced amazing engine sound that made our ears shiver from joy!

The Nissan S15 is powerful enough even when it is stock. They come with a 2.0 L I4 and I4 Turbo engine which is great! The 1999 version of Nissan Silvia was able to boost up to 250 horsepower, so imagine the power on this Nissan Silvia Drift Monster with a 1JZ Turbo engine!

As we said, we were most impressed by the engine sound, then by the car itself and then by the drivers skills. We thought that the guy gave it more throttle than the car actually needed. However, this is a real monster and a true angry Nissan S15 car!

Great video, awesome edit, great driver, exhaust flames & demonic sound!!! Check out this awesome 700HP Nissan Silvia 1JZ S15 With The Most Amazing Turbo Sound!

Finally, if you want to see more about the King of Europe event, follow this link!