NEVER Be Late At School Again! School Bus Vs Semi Truck!

Check out this CRAZY DRAG RACE: School Bus Vs Semi Truck! The Both Beast With 11sec PASS! You Will NEVER Be Late At School Again FOR SURE!

Going to school and riding that yellow bus was pretty boring when we were growing up! Do you remember getting up in the morning, having your serials and them go in front of the house and wait for the SLOW YELLOW BUS WITH THE ANGRY LADY to pick you up! Oh, and then it took centuries to get to school. The days when your parents would take you to school were considered holidays! However, we probably would not have this attitude if the BUS FROM THE VIDEO was to get us to school! Let`s just say that, if the school was a 1/4 mile away, we would be there in 11 seconds! Turn your speakers on and enjoy the show!

Finally, check the fastest school bus in the world!

Enjoy the video below!

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