Here we go with a truly awesome drag battle that will be a real treat for all those amongst you who simply love those European cars, especially the German car manufacturing. `Cause what we have here is the symbol of the excellent German engineering, the BMW, a 1993 model of the BMW M5 E34, but highly tuned, with a fire breathing motor under the hood that is boasting about 900 HP! And its rival, probably the highest ranked German (and European) supercar, when it comes to power and speed (with a huge stress on the latter feature), the Bugatti Veyron.

And if you look at the names and numbers on the paper, probably most of the betting people would have put their money on that great looking Bugatti Veyron, with an engine that is rocking no more no less but 1 001 HP! And as you`ll see in just a few moments, even the guys in the Bugatti are laughing and appear to be completely relaxed and confident in their win, but just wait until you listen to their screams and wonder expressions when they see just how fast that Bimmer is!

So, if you got intrigued by this, and especially if you are a fan of the BMW, check out the video below and have fun watching that great BMW M5 E34 is outmuscling the Bugatti! And if you want to find out numerous interesting facts about it, go to this link.