Most of the people who had experienced a race beyond 200 mph are saying that it is something that is way over anything which they had experienced before, and that there is no way to describe that feeling with simple words, no matter how eloquent one is. You simply have to do it yourself and live through that out-of-this-world experience! And if you are one of the big time hypercar aficionados, then you are really going to enjoy our video choice for this article. The reason is simple, today we are going to show you a clip of another guy who has joined the club of people who raced their supercars or muscle monsters over 200 mph. And the car that has given him this pleasure is one jaw-dropping Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse L’Or Rouge, which he calls it Bugatti Veyron Hellbug.

“Hellbug” is powered by a monster W16 motor, which is giving it a total output of frightening 1 200 HP, that has catapulted him to a speed of astonishing 235.7mph, at this year`s Sun Valley Road Rally (where many other famous sports car brands, like the Nissan GTR, and the Lamborghini Aventador, also had their fastest races ever), making it the quickest open top roadster on the planet!

Now check out the Bugatti Veyron Hellbug video below and see how one such experience looks like! And if you are a fan of the Bugatti, and want to see one awesome specimen racing against almost all great cars out there, go to this link.