A Walk Through The Lamborghini Museum in Italy!

People with real and deep passion for certain things should always be in a position to have a chance to fulfill their dreams by getting close, up and personal with the object of their desire. For example, if you are a Hollywood fan, you should go and see the big dream machine in LA once in your life, if you are a rave aficionado, you should go to Copacabana or Ibiza to party, and art lovers should visit their favorite museum, like the Louvre. And if you are Gearhead like us, with a special accent on the famous Italian brand of luxury sports cars, Lamborghini, in a certain point of your life, you should visit the Lamborghini museum in Italy.

It is located in the north of Italy in Sant’Agata Bolognese, and it will not be an exaggeration if I say that it looks like a heaven for all the Lambo hypercars that has ever `walked the earth`. Displayed on two floors, it is designed and created so that a real Lambo fan will feel like he has found his perfect home. A place fulfilled with so many different generations and models of Lamborghini, like the Lamborghini Diablo race car, Murciélagos, Countaches, some extremely rare prototypes like the Egoista and other very limited models that were produced only in dozen units (sometimes even less), in other words, a real paradise for Lamborghini fans.

But because not everyone can just pack his bags and go on a tour in Europe, until you get ready, we have prepared you this great video clip from the Lamborghini Museum in Italy that will give you a reason to go and visit it the first chance you get. Until then, enjoy the next three and a half minutes of ultimate Lambo beauty and aesthetics, and if you want to find out more about it, click here.