This Lamborghini Aventador LP760 by Oakley Design!

I think that `we have established` that there is no shortage of mind-blowing hypercars in the south of France, especially in the Principality of Monaco, and at the center of the French art-film capital, Cannes. If you check out our video section, you will find many videos with luxury supercars that are coming from there, especially when it comes to Lamborghini. It is probably the most populated areas in the whole world with different awesome models of the famous Italian luxury car manufacturer. Thus, we are following this `tradition` that we have started, and today we are going to show you one of the very best models of Lamborghini Aventador LP760 that we have ever seen!

It is a tuned product of Oakley Design, the guys who had proven themselves many, many times by now, as a company with a vision that can make your supercar appear as something out of this world.

I think that this gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador LP760 is one of the very best proofs on that. With a color that practically changes in the daylight, it looks like a chameleon that will grab you by your throat with its utter beauty and would not let go. It also has modified exhaust that produces that perfect sound we all love so much. So check out the video and see what I`m talking about.

If you want to find out more about Oakley Design, and many other models tuned by them, go to this link.