Fire Spitting and World’s Loudest LAMBORGHINI DIABLO!

Watching the loudest Lamborghini with powerful motor revving, or shooting flames, or a combo of these two, on the streets of London, is something that we have seen numerous times. Only this time I think that it is not that famous street (for which many of us have the feeling like we have actually been there) where we have seen so many awesome cars in one place, pulling all kinds of stunts, or simply showcasing their engine power, even though it does not look that much different either. But whatever the location might be, the important thing is that it is one hell of a great revving and a flame throwing show.

And the supercar behind it, `responsible` for this `joyride` in which all of us can enjoy watching it, is the Lamborghini Diablo, an iconic Lambo model that is out of production for about 14 years. We do not have the info about what year is this example, how much horse and torque power is hiding under that great purple body, but the fact that we cannot see many of this amazing and iconic supercars (neither in real life, nor in a video), just makes this video clip even more appealing.

So without further adieu, check out the video and enjoy the loudest Lamborghini Diablo show. And if you want to find out more about the last production model of Diablo, go to this link.