The Longest Rally Car Jump At 136MPH! Some Guts To Do That!

This is The Longest Rally Car Jump At 136MPH! This driver MUST Have Some Guts to Hit That Fast!

We have all witnessed all the crazy stuff Rally Cars do in such an event! People gather up and watch these races because they know they will get something AMAZING to watch! Starting from the great drifts ending with the fantastic overtakes, it is all magnificent! However, there is one very important thing as well when it comes to rally racing -- the JUMPS! In addition, we would like to show you this fantastic JUMP of a rally car with a speed of 136 miles per hour!!! The jump was so big and reached thorough the emotions of every present person!

If you want to compare it with other rally car jumps watch the full video on PAGE2 or HERE!

Finally, check out Ken Block, because he knows RALLY!

Enjoy the video below!

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