Wait What?! Snowmobile & Motorbike Tandem Jumps At The 2011 Red Bull New Year Event! This Is A New World Record!

The Red Bull No Limits is an event held every New Year`s day since 2007! The Red Bull New Year event has grown into a tradition respected by all adrenaline junkies worldwide! Nobody`s promoting such borderline impossible extreme endeavors better than Red Bull! Many world records are broken at the final hours of every year as well! Anyway, what we have here is the perfect example of how magnificent this event is! In this Red Bull New Year event footage, you`ll be able to see Robbie Maddison and Levi LaVallee jumping side-by-side! Maddison with a dirtbike and LaVallee with a snowmobile!

This mad Red Bull New Year event took place shortly before midnight in San Diego, California! Prior the insane jump, there was actually a long prelude that made people shiver in anticipation! The expectations were totally justified when both stuntmen made the joint jump!

They literally FLEW through the fog and the vast 300 feet water gap! Levi LaVallee with his snowbike may have been out of place as there was no snow there. In fact, there is no snow at all in California! However, he managed to break the world record with a 412 feet jump! What a badass! The case with Robbie Maddison is a bit different though. Although he managed to break the world record that very night, he did it in practice with a 392 feet jump! During the live happening, he managed to jump only a casual 378 feet! The multiple angles in this footage are nothing but excellent! One of them shows LaVellee`s POV! Then, there is an astonishing wide shot showing both of them mid-air! There are other beautiful angles that will most definitely take your breath away! We can`t wait to see what the Red Bull New Year event has in store for us next!

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