There are days when you just want to take your motorcycle and ride away without specified target. You just feel like riding, which is good. Thus, you can clear your mind if you are troubled by something or just want another thrilling ride. And if you have somebody to ride along with you, then you will most definitely have a blast. Anyway, the video we have prepared for you today features a similar situation to what we said earlier. A biker, riding his bike on a countryside road. Pretty much an idyllic situation. This motorcyclist takes the maximum of the given situation. He speeds when he can, overtakes other vehicles and even does high speed wheelies! His BMW S1000RR bike really suits him!

However, the actions he does ignited discussions on the Internet about the safety of this ride. Clearly he breakssome traffic regulations, like speeding and overtaking other vehicles inappropriately, but we think that he is just having fun. All in all, it is one enjoyable ride and of course there will always be people who will support what you do and others who won`t.

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