Insanely FAST BIKER vs Mercedes AMG! Anyone?

As you know it well, there has always been a great rivalry between the Gearheads and Need for Speed enthusiast who are riding on two and four wheels. Or to put it in another way, the battle between the bikers and car drivers is sort of never ending fight, and therefore, they are using almost every chance to compare their awesome rides and find out who is faster, more skilful, and king of the road. By now, we have shown you numerous video clips with drag battles between some awesome and insanely fast biker dudes and powerful sports or muscle cars, with different outcomes.

Many times the motorcycles are using their weight advantage and end up as winners, but there are also cases in which some fast car sweeps off the road with a whole gang of motorcycles.

Today we have prepared you one extremely thrilling video that will give you the proper dose of adrenaline rush, as you are about to watch one daredevil on a bike, chasing and racing a Mercedes on an open highway. We do not have the info about it, in terms of whether the race is spontaneous (it sure looks like it), or if there was a previous chit chat about it between the participants, but I think that is really not important, because the performance is something pretty spectacular. There are moments when they are both running over 190 mph (300+ km/h) between the other cars on the highway.

One really impressive and suspenseful race and video! So check out this fast biker and tell us what you think about it. And if you want to see another great video with motorcycle racing, go to this link.