Drag Race: BMW NITROUS S1000 RR vs 1000HP Porsche 966!

One more video in which we have a real monster of a bike, challenging an extremely powerful Porsche, on an illegal nightly street race! What we have here is a BMW Nitrous S1000 RR bike, fueled up with a lot of nitrous, up against this 1 000HP Porsche 966, so prepare yourself for one really exciting video and a high level of adrenalin rush.

It is clear that we all love watching drag battles with such a powerful bikes and sports cars, so we keep on surfing on the internet to give you the pleasure of watching an attractive street racing video clips, and for today`s post, we have come up with something really special. On one side of the lane, we have one of the most powerful bikes out there, BMW Nitrous S1000 RR motorcycle, and on the other side there is the proud owner and driver of 1000HP Porsche 966 -- who do you think will win this drag battle?

Because the rider forgot to strap down his bike, he had some problems in the first race, as the front end was constantly lifting, but very soon he noticed it, so they have started with a second race, and I will only tell you that the famous Porsche had real problems catching up with the two wheel monster. Watch the entire video bellow and feel the rush!

Finally, here are the fastest bikes in the world!

Enjoy the video below!

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