There are seven men-made Wonders of the World. However, there are countless wonders created by Mother Nature, which simply are incomparable to those made by humans. The wonders of the nature are more than spectacular. They always leave you breathless and they are deeply engraved in your memory, after seeing them with your own eyes. One such example is this flying shark video. At first glance, it is seemingly an ordinary action, but if you look better you are going to find this video extraordinary.

We admit – we have never seen something like this before. This video is about a large group of Mobula Rays trying to attract a mate in their own unique way, that will definitely leave you open-mouthed. First you are going to see how they swim in a big group of maybe several hundred rays. Here, the fascinating fact is that they swim so close to each other without colliding, and form a huge ball. But, this is not all. The fun part is yet to come, which is how are they getting noticed. The male rays leap above the water surface and they land creating a big boom on the water whereas the female also leap but they flip in the air as well. It may sound boring, but believe us it is EXCEPTIONAL!

Plus, follow this link to learn some interesting facts for the Mobula species, the flying shark.