Check Out The Electric Watercraft Called QUADRIFOIL!

Embrace the newest gadget in the field of water entertainment! It is fast, environmentally friendly, and gives you the best form of fun when it comes to recreational transport. Also, this vessel keeps the money longer in your pocket. You are going to be able to levitate above the water for the price of approximately $1 per hour! Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the QUADRIFOIL – a hydrofoil electric watercraft.

This unit is very quiet, which means it doesn`t disturb life both above and beneath the water surface. Moreover, it does not produce any emissions and does not create waves! These features make it suitable for bigger and also for smaller water surfaces, as well as marine restricted areas where the majority of motor boats are not allowed. This watercraft is capable of reaching a top speed of almost 25 mph and it can cross up to 62 miles with one charge only that lasts less than 120 minutes. When it is significantly above the water surface it all comes to speeding, power-steering providing you with enjoyable cozy ride. The seats are designed so you are going to be more than comfortable without worries of being wet.

Plus, if you want to get more information about this futuristic, follow this link to visit the official page of the company.