You better be prepared before you press PLAY! What you are about to see might confuse you a little bit. We have an inventor from Utah – Paul Pantone and his REVOLUTIONARY invention – The GEET Fuel Processor! If you`ve never heard of it, listen carefully! It`s a plasma generator similar to a super carburetor that runs on 80% water and is ENTIRELY NON-POLLUTING!!! Instead of having two different units: the carburetor and exhaust, you can combine them together! This magnificent invention allows the engine to run on anything! From battery, acid, water to CRUDE OIL from right under the ground!!! Who wouldn`t want an engine that runs on water, acid or pretty much anything you can find? Mr. Paul Pantone describes in the video how his GEET Fuel Processor works, and we have to admire his genius invention. He even starts it to show everyone that it works flawlessly. As you can clearly see, they put tissues where the exhaust gases come out from, and the tissues are clean after they remove them!

There was no carbon whatsoever, proving that the GEET Fuel Processor is ecological. This is an invention that could DEFINITELY CHANGE our lives! However, many sources tell us that someone wouldn`t like this unit to spread over the world! Sadly, Mr. Paul Pantone has been warned many times by the Big Businesses according to some sources! So, even though it is weird enough that we have something like this that can change and SAVE people`s lives and we are not using it, you should check out the footage below and see this fabulous inventor as he precisely shows how his invention works! Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you – GEET FUEL PROCESSOR! The incredible engine that runs on water and barely pollutes the air!

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