BE HONEST! Would You Try The Phantasialand TALOCAN?!

Theme parks are places where every family member can find his/her own type of fun! Whether you are fan of crazy rides, or spooky horror houses, or just want to sit and relax while others (especially kids) run back and forth without knowing which ride to choose, a theme park is the place to be! With this said, we would like to present you a video of one pretty exciting ride -- Phantasialand TALOCAN!

However, we won`t say that it is unique, one-of-a-kind etc. but it still offers a great deal of fun! You may have already ridden on a similar spinning machine, but this one is different due to the added external effects! It is a word of the TOP SPIN TALOCAN which is a part of the PHANTASIALAND theme park, located in Bruhl, Germany.

At first, the Talocan may seem like every other ride, but as we said it has its discrepancies. The two main frames take the ride seats up and down, while the ride seats themselves spin for 360˚! All this is enriched with an intense melody playing in the background, evil laugh, water (that seems will get you wet any second) and great balls of fire!

For more detailed information about this theme park, follow this link and visit the official website!