This Is The ROYAL FLUSH! The Utmost WATER SLIDE With Different Height Levels! Experience It In 4K!

Summer is the season for having fun! We are here to help you out by showing you one amazing video! Still no idea what to do for your vacation? Or you are already having fun but you need something more? Don`t worry! We are here on your disposal to make sure that your summer holiday will be as entertaining as possible! That`s why we keep presenting you various types of fun for you to implement them in your summer agenda! This time we decided to go for something seemingly more conventional. A water slide! But this is not an ordinary water slide like you`ve seen and ridden on before in an aqua park. We are talking about a divergent water slide that offers a lot more fun! Hence the name – THE ROYAL FLUSH!

It has three lanes, and each lane has a different level of height! So, if you do not have the guts to take the highest one first, you can prepare yourself sliding on the lower ones. And here comes the surprise – if you or somebody in your gang is a stunt biker, there is a room next to each lane for making bike stunts! Isn`t that amazing? Hope that this video is going to give you an idea for your next adventure! Be prepared though, as you will definitely get an adrenaline overload! Just looking at this amazing water slide makes want to go there and test it out! We also need to applaud the girl who did the perfect front flip from the middle lane! You have to see this amazing video as it will definitely get your adrenaline working! Check it out here!

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