World’s FIRST PRIVATE WATER AMUSEMENT PARK Installed On MEGA YACHT!!! The UTMOST Summer Toy Is Named Freestyle Cruiser!

As summer approaches we present you more and more videos showing how people have fun and therefore our goal is to inspire you to have the best summer vacation ever! We are going to be especially glad if we succeed in our endeavor! For that purpose, today we have a fabulous video that you are going to like it for sure! However, there is one catch; this type of entertainment is available for those with deeper pockets, or those who have friends with such pockets. Why? Because in order to have fun in this way, first you have got to own a yacht. Anyway, let`s see what is this all about. Get prepared to witness the Freestyle cruiser, one of the most amazing things you can put on your yacht!

In today`s video you are going to see the planet`s first sealed-air inflatable waterslide, which by the way can be custom designed to fit the proportions of your yacht. The name of this ultimate summer toy is FREESTYLE CRUISER! It will make you have the time of your life. Maybe looks simple but it is genius! The set up in the video contains yacht slide that can be leaned to 45 degree angle! Additionally, there are also critter free pool as well as liquid rail! With the Freestyle cruiser, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life wherever you decide to sail! Is there a better way to have fun than to put slides and pools on your mega yacht? We don`t think so! If you have a few extra thousands of dollars just lying around, this seems like a good investment! Watch the video to see what we are talking about!

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