Have you ever been to the Busch Gardens in Williamsburg?! If you have been, I bet that you still remember the day of your visit like it was yesterday. But, if you listen for this place for the first time, then I bet that right after watching the video below, you will book tickets and go in James City County, Virginia as soon as possible. So, here is the deal. This 383-acre theme park offers fun for the whole family, but the adrenalin seekers are the ones that leave the place with a huge smile on their face. Actually, just one ride on the Griffon Roller Coaster is enough to make your blood pump like mad

For several minutes afterwards! In this POV footage, a visitor has tried to demonstrate the special feelings and the effects that this ride has to offer, and believe me, he has done his homework!!! The Griffon roller coaster ride needs only 3 minutes to make you feel the adrenaline with the power of TEASING! So, first the cart climbs the rollercoaster to the highest point, where you have several seconds to look down and enjoy the scariest view that your eyes have ever seen. And off you go! The cart goes up and down in circles trying to reach the sky at super fast speed that will surely make you scream like a little girl. That moment lasts for about minute and a half, and if you thought that`s all -get ready for another round!

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