The First Ever 4D ROLLER COASTER Made By S&S!

Ever since they were first introduced, roller coasters became a mandatory part of the list of every human who likes to experience a little more adrenaline than usual. This is why we keep sharing this kind of video stories with you, because we want you to know what`s the best! Today, we are presenting you the newest member of the Six Flags family of roller coasters – Batman The Ride! First Ever 4D ROLLER COASTER!

This roller coaster is based in the San Antonio Six Flags amusement park. So, if you are seeking for a new type of fun, you should go and try this brand new ride! Because Batman The Ride is available only there! This 4D roller coaster is made with the use of the planet`s first magnetic coaster technology that includes the latest innovations in this branch as well as designs. The ride begins with climbing 12-story hill and also includes two beyond-90-degree drops! During the whole ride over the steel track you are going to fully flip for six times due to the magnetic fins! It may sound like not big of a deal, but wait till you see it!

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