SCARY & EPIC At The Same Time! Rolling FOG Over MOUNTAINS!

We have all heard the saying that Mother Nature is the perfect artist. No human can ever make something like Mother Nature does, no matter how hard one tries. Everything that people create that resembles a creation of Mother Nature is just pale copy. It is true that we are often amazed by various human creations, yet the feeling is never the same when it comes to an oeuvre of the perfect artist. Normally, some would disagree with this, but that`s alright. Everyone has the right on his/hers personal opinion. And we totally respect that. The video you are about to see will definitely leave you breathless. It is a word of the rolling fog process.

In this case, over the Long Range Mountains in Lark Harbour, Newfoundland. It looks like a sky waterfall. Just amazing! We can guarantee only this -- The flow of feelings you will get depends on the way you are going to look at this natural phenomenon. Personally, we wish we could see this magnificent sight in person one day. So, next time when you have trouble with rolling fog, you know how it looks like from greater distance.

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