CUSTOM YAMAHA Bike As An Example How A Stunning Beast Looks Like! 3 Cylinders, 700 CC And 150 Horsepower!!!

There are some people who would rather have the immediate satisfaction of buying their bike from a dealer. But there are some folks among us who have awesome mechanical capabilities. And these people have a totally different idea in mind. The idea of making their own custom bike in their backyard! So, very effort to build something by yourself is worth giving respect! And, if you want to see an incredible custom Yamaha bike made by two guys in their back yard, you better see the video below! We are talking about a 150 horsepower custom YAMAHA that has a home-made frame which looks absolutely cool!!! Of course, the bike looks a lot different than it was when it first came out of the factory, but maybe Yamaha should think about making this model the original one!

However, this bike is not all about the looks. It is pretty strong and powerful in fact. Taking into consideration its 150hp – “all about the looks” – does not even come into question! Add the 3 cylinders there and the 700 cc and you will get the perfect bike! And it weighs only 352lb! The power-to-weight ratio this bike has is totally insane!! All of the hard work this great bike enthusiast has put in his custom Yamaha is definitely worth it! Many are skeptical about the comfort of this bike since the exhaust pipe is very close to the rider`s seat! Actually, it might even be EXACTLY where the biker was supposed to be sitting! Or maybe the seat will have some kind of a heat isolation. However, there is no need to panic since this bike is completely rideable and ready to go! Take a look and see what the backyard engineers did!

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