As the World develops, more and more AMAZING hobbies, arts and directions emerge! For example, you will now see something that will make you stand up from your chair, give cheers and applauses to this MASTER, his name, Ladies and Gentlemen, is MICHAEL GRAB! Remember this name, because it just might be the best ROCK STACKING artist in the World! If you`ve never heard of this form of art, it`s a discipline of joining rocks, balancing them in order to create a certain sculpture or monument! Grab lives in Boulder, Colorado! It is now clearer how this formed of art developed here, in the city named after huge rocks!

However, the Police Department is not a fan of this form of art as they continually threaten Michael that he will be ARRESTED if he continues his art!!! You might ask yourself, WHY?! Apparently, this hobby of his, breaks not one, but TWO CITY CODES that deal with PUBLIC PROPERTY! Like a true artist, Grab continued his work, but he is a little worried about the way the authorities treat him! Which is why, we own him OUR SUPPORT, for he truly is a real MASTER!!! Please, go to the video below and check out his work, you will be stunned, we asure you!

Do you want to learn the secret behind this rock stacking art of perfect balance?! Follow this link to get the answers you were looking for!