We just love these kinds of videos! The type that leaves you speechless for a couple of minutes! This one will certainly have the same effect on you! How would you like to paint things just by water dipping? Earlier this year we have discovered a spectacular way of how to color our rimsThe water transfer printing method started becoming an interest and even a hobby of every contemporary designer out there, as this magical paint job is a feast for the eyes, but at the same time something that has an astonishing effect on your work. And because the kids in us will never grow up, one has started to experiment with a fresh new method. It includes not only rims painting or other complicated auto parts, but also everyday things that you would never think of painting!

Actually, with the video below you will make sure that with the so-called Hydrographics you can paint virtually everything -- from your bare hands, through video game joysticks, to RC vehicles. The popularity of the water dipping method went so big that on the market, there is currently a wide range of patterns and color schemes that will help your imagination work with no limits. Some of the examples in the video are perfect camouflage decorations that can be easily attached to anything! All you have to do is to dip in the Hydrographics kit. The video itself speaks a lot about how everything works so smoothly, so I bet that after watching you will get your phone straight away to order a dip kit! The possibilities are endless with this water dipping method! Just imagine painting car parts in a few minutes! That would be great to do that`s for sure! What are you waiting for? Check out this sweet video right here!

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