For the majority of us, the most stressful part of the day is when everybody goes home from work. Or, as it is referred to THE RUSH HOUR! You have all been there, haven`t you? You know what it is like to wait for the traffic light to turn green, and when it does you are way back in the queue and you miss it so you have to wait even more. All of this combined with the sound of various car sirens spiced with curse words. Gotta luv it! Additionally, the jaywalkers make the rush hour a RUSH HOUR!  Anyhow, unlike the aforesaid image on a rush hour, this video you are about to see is a whole different story! Why? Because even though there are lots of vehicles and pedestrians on the crossroad, nothing simply happened! Watching this smooth traffic flow makes you feel something is going to happen any second!

By the “rush hour laws” it must! But it doesn`t. Everything runs so smooth. This smooth traffic flow is UNBELIVABLE! To be honest, we were wondering if this is for real or somebody played with us. This is the answer, it is achieved by overlapping some recording at a certain point and duplicating the vehicles.

At last, if you want to see the new method that the traffic police use to stop speeding vehicles, follow this link.