AWESOME 70 Chevelle Starting Up & Street Launching!

I remember when I was a kid, in those moments whilst I was making my first `car steps`, learning to drive and of course, to start it up first, I always felt a compelling need and interest to launch it as hard as a I can. There was (and still is, got to admit) something, some king of an urge, to step hard on the gas pedal as I`m switching the stick into the first gear. But just at the beginning, and afterwards, everything continues in a very `normal` way, driving relaxed and carefully. Because if there is one thing that I have learned throughout the years, is that a man can cause a crash only in one single instant moment when he is not paying an attention, or does not drive carefully and follow the rules. I`m saying this because we have prepared a video clip with one great 70 Chevelle, parked on the side of the street, getting started and then making a quick short launch.

Unfortunately we do not have any specs about it, but we are assuming that it is quite powerful, especially judging by those huge rear tires. The second generation of the Chevy Chevelle is definitely the best one if you ask me, especially the `69 model year, which by many is described as the America`s most popular mid-size car. With is 396 cubic-inch V8 motor that is generating 325 HP, it is one of those classics from the golden era that will forever be an inspiration for all muscle car aficionados.

If you want to find out more about the 1970 Chevelle, go to this link.