Renault Alpine A110 50 Supercar Concept! What do you Think?

Watch this video with the Renault Alpine A110 50 Supercar Concept in motion at the Mortefontaine race track in France!

The car you are about to see was created to celebrate the half a century jubilee of the Berlinette! It is also a proof that the automakers that make “everyday” car know how to produce something divergent. But this particular model of a concept car has a mission to transfer the original design of the A110 in the modern era! The development has been made under the basis of the knowledge and experience gained from the Megane Trophy Racing Model! The power comes from a 3.5 liter 24 valve V6 engine a.k.a. Renault V4Y engine block that delivers 400 horses. Additionally, this vehicle is equipped with a six speed semi-automatic sequential gearbox and also with a twin-plate clutch. This means the clutch can be operated with using the traditional pedal or the paddle on the steering wheel!

See it for yourself and share your opinion with us!

Finally, here are some supercar concepts that should’ve made production!

Enjoy the video below!

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