Amazing RC Aircrafts! RC Antonov AN-225 & RC Buran SPACE Shuttle Both REMOTE Controlled! MUST WATCH!

If you enter the men`s world, you will find a lot of things! Firstly, you will see that men never grow up in their heart! Thus, RC aircrafts stay there forever. We are sure you have heard of the Russian very well-known planes – Antonov and Buran! Now meet their remote control versions, RC Antonov and RC Buran! You will be amazed with them. That is for sure!

When it comes to RC toys and every good aspect of these awesome little machines, the RC planes are probably the best and most challenging toys for grownups from all of them. By now, we have seen many different RC aircrafts, perfect replicas of the real thing, some of them flying with an incredible speed, others being great for some other features, or the way they perform.

Today we have prepared you a video that is coming from last year`s 10th Jet World Master Opening in Germany, in which you will have a chance to see another perfect RC aircrafts variants, this time of the ultimate Russian flying monster, the Antonov AN-225 Mriya, a complete version of it, with its well known RC Buran Space Shuttle on it, both of them controlled via remote control of course. The plane is equipped with 6 engines, just like the original, and I have got to tell you, it is (almost) equally impressive.

Despite some of the small problems with the shuttle at the beginning, the overall performance was really great. Of course, there is the separation moment, when the shuttle takes off from the Antonov AN-225 Mriya`s body, which really is a sight to remember. Check it out and tell us what you think about it.
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