Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to introduce EDWIN VAN RUYMBEKE to you! If you have never heard about him, he is the inventor of the first smartphone controlled bird! Things are still not very clear? Listen closely! Ever since Edwin was a little boy, he dreamt of flying with birds! His dream was kind of fulfilled when his father and grandfather created a wing flapping bird-machine back in 1969! So today, Edwin Van Ruymbeke wants to take thing to a higher level! He is going to create a Bionic Bird for the 21st century.

This invention comes with a portable charger in a form of an egg! You can charge the bird in less than 12 minutes. It is very light, it weighs less than 10 grams and has an electric motor of 0.8 Watts! Moreover, it has a rotation speed of 55 000 rpm and is made of Aluminum heat sink and has a Lithium Polymer Battery. The design as well is worth mentioning as it is inspired by nature! All you need to do to control this bird is to install the Bionic Bird free download app! See how it looks!

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