Once again we go up in the air! Here is a video that can be interesting for our youngest readers. So parents, this video is a good one to impress your children and make them stay in the wonderful world of childhood. How many times have you said the words: Fly squirrel fly! But nothing ever happened…

At the beginning of the video Ron explains how he has created and what has implemented in this little wooden aircraft. There are two transmitters, sophisticated electronic leveling system built in so the plane won`t crush, camera in the front for rearview footage. He also mentions the unique parts of this model plane, the manual controls and demonstrates how they work. Next, when he is about to take the plane in the air, the man recording reminds the airplane constructor to take his transmitter. Now it is time for the fun segment! While Ron is in search for the transmitter, a squirrel shows up, the next moment it is in the plane, starts the engine and takes off! Ron desperately runs towards the plane trying to reach it but unsuccessfully. FLY SQUIRREL FLY!

This video represents a good and interesting idea, however it is obvious that somebody is flying the plane with a remote control.

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