Having your Mom drive you places has both -- pros and cons! On one hand, you don`t have to pay for public transportation or your own gas. Which is cool! But then on the other hand: Fasten your seatbelt, sit properly, do not stare at your phone, talk to me, how was school, do you have a quiz this week… Sounds familiar? Definitely yes! It seems like your mother is capable of asking dozens of questions in a 5 minute ride! You would probably prefer going by foot instead of taking a free ride! But, things aren`t that way with THE MOM from this Momkhana commercial!

If you associate your mom with a boring minivan, check out this one as it drifts, does donuts, goes through a red light and many other things!!! The kids in the back however, are calmly playing video games on their smartphones or looking through the window! Although, they`re experiencing a pretty dangerous ride! At the very end we can see why all the rush. This modern family was trying to get to “Famous Footwear” as soon as possible to try out the new collection! Go and take a ride with THE MOM, we dare you!

P.S. Please do not try this at home. No mothers or children were endangered in the making of this Momkhana commercial.

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