1968 Citroen DS Pallas Commercial SOLD +1.4 Million Cars!

Commercials are probably the most important thing in every company. They are the best marketing move, and maybe the most important reason of a company`s budget raise! However, today`s commercials are very different from those in the 60`s and we have such an example for you. The French automobile manufacturer released a commercial in 1968 where they presented the 1968 Citroen DS Pallas! For that period of time, we might say the commercial is fine, but sadly not everything is said about this vehicle!

If the commercial was shot in a more modern era, it would represent all the performances, the price and the moves would be more “dramatic”! For example, a potential buyer in 1968 could not know everything about the 1968 Citroen DS just from the commercial. Actually, he would only know how the four-door, mid-size car looks like and that`s it! However, maybe that was enough at the time since it was known for its futuristic design and being aerodynamic. To prove that this commercial was a complete success, let us just tell you that Citroen sold 1.455.746 CARS! It also came third at the Car of The Century poll which proves how BIG this car was!

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