Formula 1 has a rich history behind its name and one of the biggest names of its fruitful past is the one and only – FERRARI! We can all agree that Ferrari is the first thing that you think about when someone says F1! Ferrari has also become a synonym for other things such as speed, endurance or even a synonym for the color red! If we made you list 5 things that are red – you would most certainly mention Ferrari as one of them. It is the great history and popularity that makes Shell proud of being a part of the Ferrari team and inspired them to make this awesome commercial! This fascinating FERRARI Shell COMMERCIAL will make you watch it over and over again!

It`s made in a way that includes every part of F1`s history, every Formula One car from the beginning of time is there! Go on and take a ride through the streets of all the famous cities around the world! Start with Rome, pass through New York and end up in Rio de Janeiro! It`s all set and it`s waiting for you. Check out the FERRARI Shell COMMERCIAL bellow.

Anyhow, this is an interesting topic when it comes to Formula 1!