This is The Best Volvo Commercial So Far! They Overdid Themselves!

What we have prepared here is the latest, really awesome and probably the best Volvo commercial for the famous Swedish car manufacturer, or this time, for Volvo trucks, to be more precise. The stage is outside, at San Remo, on the beautiful Italian Riviera, where this young fellow is getting on his first day of job, working as valet who will be parking the awesome sports cars of the rich guests.

But not everything is what the young man was imagining it would be. At first, after hechanges in his uniform, the guests start arriving with their luxurious sports cars and you can see the sparkles in the eyes and the overall enthusiasm as one by another, cars like Lamborghini, Mustang Cobra and Aston Martin are placed at his disposal, free and ready to `inspect` it all.

But than the real deal comes in a form of a huge, big Volvo truck, that also needs to be parked. What happens next? Well, you will found that out for yourself. So play the video and enjoy the `adventures` of the young Italian valet.

Moreover, these are the best songs from car commercials! 

Enjoy the video below!

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