Meanwhile In Poland: Drifting With The Volvo FM12 Truck On The Streets!

Check out this amazing drifting performance with the Volvo FM12 truck on the streets of Warsaw, Poland. This thing drifts and power-slides, thanks to the very powerful Volvo engine! Even though there were other participants in the drift show, it was this amazing Volvo truck that was the star of the event! On top of that, how often do you see a truck with a gigantic spoiler attached to it?! We have seen a lot of weird things and we don`t get impressed very easily. However, this Volvo FM12 truck is definitely one of the most unique-looking drifting vehicles we have laid eyes upon! After seeing the whole drift show, we couldn`t wait to share the video with everyone here, so you can see the madness as well! Poland had a pretty exciting event in 2012, it was called the Street Racing – Warszawa 2012! Some of you might know about it, while those of you who do not, please google it!

Anyway, one drift particularly, marked the whole event and the crowd seemed to be very pleased when it happened! After getting fed up with all the street cars, a STW Volvo FM12 Truck came in as a refreshment!!! It started drifting as people had hard time believing their eyes! So, after having this brief introduction, it is now your turn to check out the footage and enjoy! As aforementioned, we are not ones that easily get impressed. However, seeing an incredible drifting performance from a truck is a rarity, and it definitely caught us by surprise! Furthermore, you will certainly be amazed by the size of the spoiler! Just look at it! It looks like it is at least 5 feet high! Make sure you don`t miss this video!

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